Monkey watching in Jigokudani

From Yudanaka- Shibu onsen area, Mr. K and I decided to go monkey watching in Jigokudani monkey park.
Its 50 minutes on foot. Honestly it looks really tough to walk, so instead we just drove up (since there were less car today, means less competition for parking lot).  
From the parking area its another ten minutes walking and climbing up stairs to the Jigokudani area. 

…. The Geyser of Jigokudani ..
Keep walking don’t loose hope and… we finally arrived at the monkey park! The monkeys were seen splashing water by the pool (in winter, they would be dipping in onsen)
They seemed used to visitors. They would just walk pass people not giving the slightest care.
But, dont try giving them the stare or attempt to communicate with them as they do not understand our language.(≧∇≦)

The park management even explain it in this sign to remind us.
So, here is a compilation of monkeys being cute, small, sleepy and playful. Although some might look less energetic,  perhaps due to the hot weather. Or maybe they were just in their midlife contemplation 🙂

Oh yeah, please… Do not use drone to observe the monkeys (so somebody actually did? ( ̄▽ ̄)



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