Nozawa onsen, Nagano

On the 2nd day of Golden week holiday, Mr. K and me headed to Nozawa onsen in Nagano. 

On our way there, we passed some rivers, mountains, cities, sakura trees and apple field. Nagano prefecture is known as Japan’s number one producer of apple (source: Mr. K).
On a lovely day like today, the landscape view of Iiyama is so beautiful.
And… Nanohana flower must be the highlight of the season because the local city is having a Nanohana festival.
Then finally we arrived in Nozawa and  tried the local public bath ‘Oyu’. Entering the Oyu is free of charge. A donation box and sign on onsen manners is located at the front door.
Inside there are two small pool of onsen. One of it perhaps measured more than 50 degree Celcius (Hot! Mr. K commented he couldn’t stand dipping his leg more than three seconds).
Another one is maybe around 40 degree Celcius.
I dipped in and out and in again to pour cold water on myself once in a while.

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