Public hotspring in Yudanaka Shibu onsen

Still in our Golden week holiday Hotspring (温泉:onsen) hopping.
Walking around the Yudanaka Shibu onsen (湯田中 渋 温泉), at first we didn’t notice there was a foot onsen (足湯: ashiyu) on our right side. It was on an elevated plane, so its easy to go unnoticed unless people are dipping their foot up there.
The women’s side of public onsen is located under it.
Men’s side is right behind it.
To use the onsen, we paid 500 yen each at a shop called Hishiya (ひしや), and the nice elderly man would bring key to open the door to the onsen for us. What was that shop, hmm, I think it was a toy or craft shop?
Inside was a changing room, some lockers and sliding door to two different temperatures of onsen pool. Hot and really hot. No washing area, no restroom. Very simple.
The men and women’s side is separated with wooden wall connected with a steel door. I could see shadows of the naked  man through the frosted glass part on the steel door (I thought it was my reflection at first).
When I go to natural hotspring like this, I do believe that there is something extra good contained in the spring water that made me feel extra refreshed as I go out. 

Another thing about natural onsen is the history behind it, because it has been there for very looong time. I don’t know if this is a correct information, but I heard some of the onsen here is as old as 400 years old? That’s amazing.
So while enjoying the onsen, I mostly observe the ceilings, walls and floors and try to sense the ancient and antique feels that comes out of it.

People do come here especially for the natural onsen. Since its hot from the nature oven, it can get too hot sometime but its normal. It smells a bit like iron(?).

What comes after onsen? Ofcourse  もちろん、コーヒー 牛乳 (Milk coffee)(≧∇≦)


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