Old style Omikuji

During the drive in Hokuto, we decided to have lunch at Suntory restaurant Jinguu (じんぐう).

No. I am not going to do a food review. Something on the table, aligned together with sauce, salt and pepper interested me more.

Omikuji (Japanese written fortune telling), more like a compact Omikuji  dispenser? On the table?
Never seen Omikuji, aside from the ones sold in temples, especially one that looks like backside of D*rth *ader bust.
Unnamed source said this type of omikuji has been around for like 50 years in Japan. So, this is like old style Omikuji perhaps?

This omikuji is based on zodiac. I am a Taurean, so its Oushi-za (おうし座 )

I drag the pointer to my zodiac, insert a 100 yen coin, then pull the lever horizontally. And… voila.. a small p***mon ball rolled out of a **rth v**er nose hole to tell my fortune.

Elaborated explanation of my fortune is written in a small piece of paper.
It includes my general fortune, health, money, travel, sports, lucky color and number, love, a quiz (for entertainment purpose when the fortune gets really bad I guess) and another one that I don’t really get.
In general I got to know that in health department I should watch out for eye disease (yaiks!), while in sport, that I might want to try Golf (?).
In Love, I should not jump in to an adventure type of relationship, while financially I need to becareful of overusing credit card. 
Hmm, I’d say these are pretty close!

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