Holding me self down at Suntory Hakushu Distillery

On the way to Nagano prefecture, we stopped at Suntory museum, that we often pass, yet never actually had a chance to visit. 

It looked less crowded today, so while I was behind the wheel, I initiated to make the right turn to the ‘ Suntory Hakushu Distillery’ (museum/ factory).

Yep, there’s a massive fermenting in progress here.  The real deal!

Inside these tubs, is that particular substance that is going to be made in to that drink that (almost) every adult like. Whisky and bourbon.

We joined their 11 am guided tour that takes us around the factory.

Oh Maaan! I didn’t know that I like the smell of whisky, not until today!!

The scent of whisky (or whatever is fermenting to alcohol inside those tubs) was pretty strong to the point that am worried, I might get drunk from just breathing it in.

Here comes the saddest part of the tour.

During the free whisky testing time (three shots max), I didn’t get to taste any.

Why? Well as the tag said here, I happened to be the designated driver of the day. Aaaaaargh! Rage!

I am not much of a whisky fan, but come on!

After sniffing that tempting nice sweet smell of whisky, how was I supposed to hold my self down here drinking orange juice in a paper cup, while everyone else were sipping whisky and bourbon from their glass??! (Three glasses to be exact)

So, how’s the taste of a 43% single malt alcohol? (we finally decided to buy a bottle).

Well it warms up through out my throat and ear and nose and weigh my body down. In fact, I am half drunk when writing this. I am having my revenge.

So, can I get a weewee now?


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