Kita Yokodake, a fit for beginner hike

It was sunny, so we decided to hike Kita Yokodake, aiming for a short three hours roundtrip course.

Now, my first and (I thought its gonna be my) last hiking experience was Tengudake. 

Going up, it was a four hour trip, filled with blood and tears. Trailing slippery rocks and falling on my a**.

Plus,  another four hours dragging my scattered soul down the road of rage and insanity.

A total eight hour of bitter hiking experience for a first timer.

But let bygones be bygones, so here I am, giving it another try.

Kita Yokodake, please don’t bring me down. 

The climb started with a ropeway trip, some standard hiking, and ‘optional’ side rocky climbing.

and after quite painless 1.5 hours, a clear view from the top.

Oh, and some side trip to Nanatsu pond. 

Since I didn’t go back crying, we have a winner! Kita Yokodake was a fit to beginner like me! Yeaah!!

The most fun part of the trip?

Umm… this is difficult…

Well, I guess… The ice cream at the ropeway station.


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