Finally it feels like summer: Suwa lake fireworks festival!

Thank God, it didn’t rain at all, the whole show. I think this is the best year that we finally got to really enjoy “Suwa lake fireworks festival”. 

The spot was perfect, a slope by the lake (ticket reserved by phone from Lawson convinience store). The weather was fine, unusually cool for summer, and the most important, it didn’t rain. 

Last few years, this fireworks show had to be either stopped due to the lightning-thunder, or carried in the middle of rain.
So, when it started drizzling, I was like “Oh no”.

The Suwa lake hanabi festival, is not something to be missed, due to the HUGE scale of fireworks display.

The fireworks are launched from man made island on the lake and the largest one could reach 300 meter in diameters. Not just showing the fireworks on the sky, the fireworks are also displayed on the surface of the water (lake).

As usual, every year, we had to park like one hour walk away from the fireworks spot at Suwa lake.

Ofcourse because all the designated parking space (free and paid) were already full.

But, we do this every year, we didn’t mind. As long as when we come back our car is still intact (since its hard to find designated parking area, we parked on sides of road etc).

And I didn’t mind to be the one driving home because the other counterpart get to drink beer while I was trying to eat a very weird tasted crepe.

It was the first time in my life I couldn’t finish a crepe. But who cares about a nasty crepe when I got to be on a front seat of an amazing glittering fireworks display on the sky.

So here is some of the magical bits from the fire works show…




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