One does not simply Run

How do you usually run?

Well, I am a treadmill runner.
You know, the one who run in a closed private room, wearing only bra tops and whatever with my earphone on, listening to youtube’s hot this week songs on a smartphone?

I found running very usefull, especially when I was running late for a butler cafe appointment and had to chase that pedestrian green light.

So I was ready to take it to the next level, running outside.
I am beginner at this. Actually I just bought my first waist pouch yesterday.

I was really surprised that running goods are pretty expensive!
I thought running was supposed to be the easiest, affordable excercise there is.

I mean, I saw a legging sold at 12,000 yen yesterday. No, I didn’t buy it.

Running outside is totally new for me. But I do have comfortable leggings, random shorts and a T-shirt.

I didn’t even have a decent running shoes! I barefoot on treadmill.
It was okay with the basic stuffs, until the season changed and it gets colder.

Then, I started hunting for running goods on sale, like lightweight running jacket. Those shorts to wear over the leggings? They’re pretty pricey too. Have I been looking at the wrong place?

So far, my favourite place to find running goods would be at a big sport center on mountain side area, because they tend to sell goods at discounted price.

The cheap goods hunting through the shelves was exciting as well (women!).
I found a purple legging at 999yen yesterday!
So, my logic deducted that running outside was not meant for people in the cities (illogical deduction).

But, undeniably, running outside is much better, well, who could argue with a view like this:

And yeah, being outside itself is a mind refreshing as well!
Well, if you must know, I started running outside, thanks to the influence of this person I had massive crush on.
So, I run, in order to make that chocolates I ate worth it, as I try to forget him.

Pictures were taken somewhere in Tateshina, Nagano prefecture.


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