Kyoto trip : Matcha ice cream in Higashiyama, walking amidst the bamboo and Zen in Kennin ji

Kyoto is one of my favorite places in Japan.

I was really excited for my first trip to Kyoto.

During my very first trip, I tried to visit three to four tourist spots in a day. I just had to see all.

So I searched all day and got my info mostly from

After that first trip, I knew that I wanna go again, and again, and again. And I did.

These photos were taken from my third trip to Kyoto.

My all time favorite would be walking along the path of Higashiyama, the crowded shopping street heading to Kiyomizudera.


Why? Perhaps I love to feel the energy of the people there, who are as excited as I am, being in Kyoto. Aside from that, I would be looking for that one shop that sells Yatsuhashi and delicious Matcha ice cream. Yeah, their Matcha ice cream is unbeatable.


The next would be the Arashiyama bamboo groove. The breeze and peacefulness that gives a promise of good healthy walk, every time. As the evening falls and the bamboo got lit up, things get pretty romantic!


Kennin ji, said to be ‘the oldest zen temple in Kyoto’, where I admired the enormous painting of Twin dragon on the ceiling of the temple. It is said that those dragon eyes would meet yours, from which ever directions you stand from. Yep, Those eyes followed me every where!


Aside from the breathtaking view of the ceiling painting, the paintings on the sliding doors were also beautiful that I wished everyone would just leave me there to meditate.


In Kennin ji, there was also this Zen garden (of course) where I rest and sat and tried to absorb the surrounding calmness in to me, breathing in, breathing out, empty… empty… empty…


Whoaah, that felt good.


I did go to other places, but lets save that for the another post:)


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