Eiheiji: Grand temple that offers more experience!

永平寺 (Eihei ji)temple in Fukui prefecture is one the most important Buddhist temple in Japan.

Someone I knew, used to ride his bicycle around this place in summer during Obon holiday.

He must have liked the serenity that the temple gives away, just like I do. Writing about this now, made me feel somehow, connected to him through his memories of the place.

We went there last winter. The snow was falling outside and it layered our umbrella until it was pretty heavy to hold. The snow was 20 cm thick and that, finally gave me a reason to wear a knee high winter boots.


Eihei ji is the biggest temple I’ve ever entered so far.



The large halls & stairs, huge pillars, ornaments and carvings on the celling. From the presence, I could sense that the place must be realy sacred and important.


The temple provides rooms for those who would like to spend nights there,  to experience how it is like to live inside a temple.


The temple is well kept and  the efforts were seen on those shiny stairs.


It was a first time during a temple visit, we got seated in a room, where a monk with his mic, using screen and projector did a ‘presentation’ for visitors, explaining  more about the temple.

So I was like, wow, okay, this is GREAT! because usually, temple visits are quiet and people refrain to talk.

Eihei ji, really has a different feel, more open to visitors. Overall it was a very nice experience 😀


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