Ogurayama: Land of fairies, the prettiest hike ever (so far)


I haven’t been to too many hiking to be able to say that view of 御座山(Ogurayama)in Nagano, is the most beautiful ever for a hike. But I think it is. Not just the view when I arrived on the top, but also during the hike.


After like twenty minutes walking up maybe, if I wasn’t reminded that we were there for a hike, I would be rolling on the grass, had my self a picnic and then took a nap!


The place made me feel that I’d like to be a fairy of this forrest.

We were few weeks late for the 紅葉 (kouyo: The time when the leaves turn to deep orange and red during autumn). So, when we got there, the leaves were already on the ground, making a thick bouncy layer (which is really good for a nap), covering the already narrow path.


I was like a kid again, kicking those dried leaves as I walked my way up.

Hiking up was two and half hours, mostly because I was taking pictures every 10 minutes 😀 It should be done in like two hours actually.

But these two and half hours sure did sore my thigh, calf etc, as the path was an ever continuous elevated hike. I remember, at one point I said, ‘Oh finally, flat ground!’ which only last for like five minutes.

Reaching the peak, there were two places I had to climb up with the provided chain.  There were also places where I leaned my back on the rocks behind me, and creeping to the other side facing the slope in front of me.


Then, I realized something. There are two kinds of people: The one who feel safe, leaning on the rock behind, facing the steep slope while creeping sideway on a narrow trail (me), and the one who rather hold on to the rock, while watching out where his feet are stepping on (most of people).

If I were in a movie and there was a cliff I had to cross, as the actor say ‘don’t look down!’, I might be already falling down and my role ended there. Because I just had to see what’s in front of me…

Perhaps, I didn’t glitch over the steep slope because I have a very lousy eyesight and I never use glasses when hiking (which is actually dangerous). So, I might not feel scared because I don’t see the steepness in three dimension, instead, just  a flat two dimensions.

And going down, was a quick less than two hours ‘sliding’ down as I fell on my butt four times, slipped over all kinds of rocks and leaves.

Alright, here’s the view from the top.



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