…to get a dose of Vitamin Sea, then joining the local festival

It has been a while, the weather finally brighten up following some cloudy days (though the heart is still in murky state).

But, it’s sunny and being outside is definitely much better than laying under the thick blanket trying to make it up from lack of sleep the other night…
So, still with slight dizzy head and hoarse throat, I headed out to the train station, took Tsukuba express until Tsukuba city and meet up with Mr. K there.

I know that times like these, I’d love to see the beach. Although I know I wont be able to swim on the beach or play in the sand, but I just wanna see some sea 😀

Since it was already too dark to see the sea, the journey started with taste of the sea at a sushi bar in Ooarai. We had donburi with Maguro (Tuna), Hokkigai (shell), Hirame, Ika (squid). All freshly catched that day.

We stayed for the night.

And the next day there it was,

Sunrise of 九十九里浜 (Kyujukurihama).

There was not much view because I was watching sunrise from a small window on a fifth floor of a hotel at side of a road. But it was alright.
On our way back, in Kashima area, there was a line of cars going into some event. It could be some bazaar? exhibition?

It turned out to be…

A really mixed event.

Some sold GPS/ sonar for boats. Some sold Ringoame (apple candies)-yakisoba-takoyaki (standard of matsuri).

Some were auctioning fresh fishes (lucky guy bought two huge Ise Ebi for 5000yen around 41 dollars. At normal price it’s 10,000 yen each..)

…and some were having barbeque. We opted for barbeque.
We bought five big clams (Hamaguri) for 1000 円 (8 dollars).

Poor lil guy was still alive when we suddenly put em for some sauna.


It was a nice ending surprise for an unplanned trip.


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