Christmas illuminations in Roppongi: Not only for couples!

I heard these lines before:

‘Christmas eve has become a survival eve because it didn’t go well with my girlfriend’ or

‘Spending the eve without girlfriend’.

‘Christmas eve, how nice, being in couples…’

‘Great, I don’t have to sweat about what to give to my girlfriend, because I don’t have any, haha’


Now Christmas starting to sound like Pre-Valentine.

Since when?


So, does this mean without a girlfriend or a boyfriend someone has to feel miserable…on Christmas eve.

Then, I have a question on Christmas celebration in Japan. Somehow I’ve got the impression that  Christmas revolves around couples and lovers here. Is this true?

Well, I have to admit. With illumination like this, walking under these lights… Awwwh, the city is covered in very, very romantic atmosphere.


AND is not that I am against snuggling with boyfriend or girlfriend on Christmas eve. It is always nice to be able to be with the one we love, but I don’t think its only about couples.

In my head, Christmas would always be the most significant day for the children.

‘Whether you’re naughty or nice’, ‘Opening Christmas present under the tree’, ‘World’s best dad striving to get what his son’s want for Christmas’, ‘Families traveling big together (without forgetting one of the kids, of course).

It  would be the day where they play movies like ‘Home Alone’, ‘the Grinch’, ‘Jingle all the way’, ‘Nightmare before christmas’ and other heart warming family-themed movie/ animation.


Well, who am I to speak… Here I am holding hands, while taking the pictures of the illumination. Feeling, inevitably romanticized.

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