Cave Ryugashido: Mystery and romance

Experiencing a 250 million old cave known as ‘Ryugashido’ in Hamamatsu, which is also the biggest stalactite cave in Tokai area.

Well, a cave. It will be dark and cold inside, there will be dripping water, and bats, right?

Close enough. But most of all, inside the cave was beautiful and kinda romantic as well, thanks to the music box BGM they played.


They put lights in interesting part of the cavern, so visitors could see the patterns of the cave wall. Btw, the person in the pic is 175 cm, taller than that, better watch your head!

Some part of the cave seems to have an air of mystery.


There was water source that looked magical thanks to the lightings.


There was even a mini waterfall inside this cave!


Falling from above, to the dragon eyes…


And some more interesting patterns…


Which reminds me of the movie ‘Pred*tor’, I don’t know why.


So, Do you like caves too now?


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