Hamamatsu Air park, another home for Zero fighter

Japan Air Self Defense Force museum in Hamamatsu. The museum closed at 4 pm, kinda early or do museums usually close at this hour?


The star of the museum of course was the real one and only Mitsubishi A6M Reisen, or the Zero-sen. The Japanese famous Zero fighter plane participated in the world war two.



There was a plane simulator.  The reservation to get on this, filled up really quick. So, unless you got there really early to report to base, be assured, no spot left for ya!

To get over from being unable to get on the simulator, I went to the dome screen theatre to experience how  it was like to be inside of a cockpit of a plane, doing an acrobatic maneuver.

For me, the movie was too short. Instead of view from the cockpit, it showed more about how the smoke of the maneuvering F-15 planes formed a heart bowed by an arrow.

Which was also cool but I wished the seat would move (still couldn’t get over the simulator).


The exit of the theatre led to a game area.

Game area? No! Its a simplified version of individual simulator that looks like a cockpit. Player stand while  controling the joystick and releasing fire at enemy planes!

Just when I was about to reach for the controller, the ‘Auld lang syne’ melody started to play and the monitor turned black (they shut down).


I did take a seat on one of the planes.


I need to get  back there.






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