Nakatajima sand dunes and Bentenjima

One fine day, we drove from Tokyo to Hamamatsu, Shizuoka Prefecture.

We visited Ryugashido cave (wrote about this in previous article), the plane museum (also in separate article) and the famous spot Bentenjima and Nakatajima sand dunes.

Now, let me tell you about how difficult it was to get the sunset right into the tori in Bentenjima.

The ideal is to snap a picture of the big round orange sun, setting right at the middle of two pillars (tori).

The problem is, the sun set gone in seconds and I only had wide lens. Plus, I arrived too late and everyone was there already, taking the best spot with their tripod and fancy long zoom lens.

The feeling while trying to take the picture was like picking an egg yolk with a chopstick while trying not to break it. ‘Ooops, here it is’, ‘oh it slides to the left’, ‘now to the right’, ‘oh no, careful don’t break it…’.

Pfft, forget it.

Next, a bit of a view over the city!



and… finally, The Beach…!


This is the Nakatajima sand dunes where the loggerhead turtles would lay eggs in summer. I was there not in summer. No sightings of turtles, but I did see some surfers and people with fishing rods.


Ah, the sea breeze.


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