Akazawa Onsen, hot spring at bay

This is my second trip to Akazawa onsen. The onsen is located facing the Sagami bay, Izu Peninsula. Therefore, it is a perfect way to end the day, after driving all day, along the beach side.


During my first trip here, I entered the public one.

The public bath has several onsen pools. An infinity style onsen pool, indoor onsen pool and several individual round wooden tubs.

Viewing the sunset from the infinity onsen pool was very nice.

Not just the sunset, but the fact that it is a comfortable 40 C hot onsen pool that we’re dipping in,  the sea breeze and the view of Oshima island below…

I wish I could take picture of the stunning view from here, but of course in a very naked public bath like this,  I could end up at a police station if I do that. 😀

But, I did take picture from the Kashikiri onsen during my second trip.


Some onsen provides Kashikiri option, where someone can use the smaller onsen privately from 30 minutes to one hour/more. Price varies, starting from around 1000 yen per half hour. This is an additional price from entering the public one and will need some prior reservation.

So after enjoying the public onsen, had dinner at their restaurant that offers nice variety of Japanese food, for more, there is the private night time onsen with the kashikiri option.


Akazawa onsen has always been my choice to end a perfect for a one day trip.

We enjoyed the onsen after driving along the Atami beach and made a stop at old Edo ‘check point’ (separate article).


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