Hakone sekisho, the checkpoint system of Old Edo

Long long time ago in old old Edo, when people tried to break the law, when people tried to smuggle him/herself without a proper documentation, in & out of the country, they ended up as a kebab.


When I am taking about kebab, I mean ‘kebab’ed. The law breaker would be crucified-spread- eagle-style, and the several guards would poke on the poor guy, with a two meters long spears until he said ‘ouchie, ouchie’ thousand of times and finally… died.

Kebabed, sounds  like the most painful way to say bye bye to the world, no? Not just that, after the kebab session, the head of the RIP would be displayed on the gate as a lesson for others to see.


It all happened here in Hakone sekisho. The Hakone checkpoint system that was built to avoid the women of important people (that time they where kept in Edo as ‘hostage’, so the hubby who was dispatched in other areas would pledge their loyalty to the ruler of Edo) from fleeing the country.

The regulation was so effective, that in that era, only five people dare to break the law. And there was a sad story as well.

There was this one guy. He didn’t actually break the law.

He had with him a proper permit to enter the region. But………

As he saw the line of people trying to go back home were long and endless, he decided to sneak his way around the Check point by taking the mountainous path. Then, he was seen by the patrolling guards,  with his kimono stucked on the fence  he was trying to climb on (What? can somebody please confirm this, I am hearing weird stuffs on the story).

OMG the poor guy, he was just trying to get home to his family for crying out loud…

Btw, here is some skewed snack to accompany the visit to Hakone sekisho, available at nearby shops.




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