Tokorozawa aviation museum


Do see the Tokorozawa Aviation Museum,  when going to Kawagoe (the next post).

The aviation museum is located two hours away from Tokyo.
Despite the museum is not as large as the previous ones that I visited before, (Kagamihara and Hamamatsu Aviation museum), I like Tokorozawa Aviation Museum the most!


Why? Because, Tokorozawa Aviation museum has so many interactive exhibits.

Means, there are so many buttons that could be pressed 😀 to watch an informative video, to take part in physical law experiment, to know how many balloons it would take to lift someone’s up, to fly a plane, to engage with everything that the museum has to offer.

Lucky! Today, the museum had a special exhibit of Zero fighter cockpit replica.

The cockpit automatically produces sound of the Zero fighter plane engine as someone hop in. Wearing pilot uniform is optional, but of course, I just had to.

There was also of course,  a profile of Horikoshi Jiro, the person who designed Zero fighter,  and whose story was told in one of the Ghibli movie  ‘Kaze Tachinu’  by Miyazaki Hayao.

Another exciting part of the museum is on the second floor.


Here, we could imagine how it is like to be at the control tower and listen to the conversation between the pilot and control tower during take off and landing.


As usual, the flight simulators were limited and I didn’t bother to queue with the rest of the (smaller) kids because their stare made me feel, uneasy 😉
So I will just play with this joystick to elevate up this chop and turn its propeller…
The museum display is not limited only to planes. There is also a space walker that looks a lot of fun but unfortunately only  operate  until 12 noon.

I got home with an added knowledge of the first aviation accident in Japan which killed two person onboard, happened  in 1913.IMG_1735

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