‘Tabearuki’ (eating while walking) in Kawagoe

Kawagoe live up the terms 食べ歩き(Tabearuki;eating/ munching while walking) to the most. How could it not.

Every few hundred meters there would be a long line to a food vendor or a snack shop.

When something  smells good and the line was long enough, that is your cue 😀 to a good experience of tabearuki.


Well, of course, Kawagoe is not just about tabearuki .

Kawagoe is like the fastest dose of Japanese culture and old Edo in a shot.

The nearest from Tokyo, just two and half hours away, Kawagoe offers the atmosphere of old Japan through the rustic houses that sells various Japanese crafts in interesting colors and patterns.


There are similar places like this in other areas, where people could stroll along while feasting the eyes on rustic charms of old Japanese houses like the one in  Naraijuku, Nakamachi (Matsumoto), Obuse, Nakamise (Nagano) and other places. But Kawagoe is like the best one near central of city.

Plus, as a side trip, there is an Aviation museum that is worth visiting as well (previous post).

I have marked my favorite shop here in Kawagoe. It is a Matcha specialty shop selling Matcha warabi mochi, matcha tea and a very thick, rich in flavor matcha ice cream they named ‘Okoicha’.

I thought I could never find a matcha ice cream as good as the one in Higashiyama, Kyoto.

But I think we have a winner. This matcha ice cream was really good that I regretted,

I only had one…

A reminder though, Ice-cream is a bit dangerous to lick  while walking  in the crowd 😀





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