Mt. Oyama: Leisurely hiking

As the weather warms up, leaves sprout and flower blooms…

It had been like six months. My soul been begging to go on a hike!

Just anywhere. Just take me near those trees and let me feel the pressure on my ear drums as we climb up. Again!

Unfortunately, this weekend, the weather only allowed a one day trip. So, the choice fell to… somewhere not so far from the city.

Mount Oyama at 1,252meter, in Tanzawa Oyama Quasi national park.

In the morning, available parking space were all filled but there were ladies offering their home garage for one day parking at a 1000yen. Worth it!

Usually I’d be entertained when I have to climb up holding on to chains, arriving at the top looking over a magnificent view and having lunch sitting on a big rocks…

But Mt. Oyama is kinda… entertaining, in a different way. Like fun-leisure kinda way?

Starting the hike, there will be stairs leading up to restaurants/ food/ souvenir shops…


Then, there will be stairs again, then there will be shops again, then stairs again, shops again, then, a cable car station (there were quizzes written on the riser of the stair,  btw).

Cable car stopping at Afuri Shrine

That day, we opted cable car to go half way up stopping at Oyama Afuri shrine.

Oyama Afuri shrine

Here the surrounding farmers used to pray for rain on this shrine. But I hoped it didn’t  rain that day.

The view looking down from the shrine was nice.


But from here, we were going up!

Hike Start!

Then, finally, it started to feel like hiking.

in the middle of Mt. Oyama hike

The hiking itself, was not so hard from here. And, going down without a cable car was alright too.

It was mostly stairs. Very long and steep though, assuring some real workout to the legs.

Soaking up the sun and eating warm soy beans anindofu on the way back, had me recovered.

Endless steep stairs


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