Tengudake, 6.5 hours hike

I know hiking is not for everyone.

I remember, my first hiking experience was Tengudake, and I remember, going back from the hike crying ( I didn’t expect it to be that harsh + bruises)

I was not prepared. No proper hat, no proper shoes, no proper out fit.

Anyways, guess what: Japan has added another national holiday in their calendar. The national holiday is called ‘Mountain Day’ (山の日) and from now on, it is gonna be celebrated every August 11. So, now Japan has like 16 national holidays total… Yay!

So, in order to properly celebrate the Mountain day, here I am, ready to conquer Tengudake, for the second time (lol). First time was a total failure… But now I am ready.

Now skipping the minor details, I will just tell you the good part.

The hike started from Karasawa hot spring, going up to Nishi Tengudake (2645m).

On the guide book, the hike up officially would take four hours, but with the high spirit of Mountain Day, I made it in three hours. Final challenge was rock climbing before the peak. But it was quite enjoyable (because I was still hyped).


From Nishi Tengudake peak (2645m), we continued for another 20 minutes to reach Higashi Tengudake. I personally like Higashi Tengudake, although officially the peak was Nishi Tengudake.

We had the bento lunch (home made Gyudon) there. Btw, it was kinda difficult to eat a Gyudon (beef stew) when everyone else were eating just bread.  But hey, we woke up at 4.30 am to cook this! Outdoor lunch with a view.


So, Tengu is a supernatural being in Japanese Mythology. Why the mountain is named after it, well, perhaps.. the legendary mountain Goblin was seen roaming around in the area? Possibly…

The weather was perfect although there a mist of mystery over the mountain. After all, It’s the mountains of the Tengus…


Now, going down, we took  a different route, going through Tengudake Nakaniwa (Gardens of Tengu)  oh I bet those Tengus appeared playing in this garden. It was tough, very rocky. But I bet the Tengus had it easily coz they have wings to fly over the area. I really thought these rocks would never end.


But Thank God, after 3.5 hours, we reached the initial spot where we parked our car, in front of Karasawa onsen, and of course, took a nice onsen (hot spring) dip there…

So it took a total of 6.5 hours to conquer the Tengudake!



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