Half day trip of Hiroshima: The Japanese Garden, the castle and the Memorial Museum

Just doing what everybody does when visiting Hiroshima!
Walking from Hiroshima station to Shukkeien Japanese Garden, then to Hiroshima castle, continuing to Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum and taking a bus back to Hiroshima station (lotsa walking frm 10:06-17:00)

Well, it felt like I just got back from hiking afterwards. But hey, walking means I can stop wherever whenever to take pictures!

I have been to Kenrokuen Japanese Garden in Kanazawa…. It was really beautiful,  but now I have a new favorite…. 

Shukkeien Japanese Garden.  

We spent more than two hours following the trails, feeding the fish, looking for small crabs (yes there were alive crabs!), getting friendly with the turtles and sipping Matcha.

The salt and river water seems to have seeped into the pond of Shukkeien, that’s why we could find some crabs, Bora (Mullet) and Kurodai (Black Pordgy/ Black sea bream) mingling with the Koi. Fish pellets is sold at the souvenir shop near the entrance for 100 yen.

The fish pellets either taste so good or these fish are just so hungry.

Feeding time


In the pond there are some Koi with a  face of a person  known as Jinmengyo (人面魚)  

人面魚 (Jinmengyo)

I dunno, it looks more like a lion or cat to me…

This garden was an evacuation site during the atomic bombing. Many of the victims had their last moments here (RIP).

Hiroshima castle


Next, Hiroshima castle. Memorabilia of Japanese ancient warrior are displayed inside the Hiroshima Castle .

From what they wore during the war, the hand guard attached to their Katana, the war helm (kabuto:兜) they put on… These were made beautifully and carved carefuly and elaborately as a pride of going to war and die for their land.

These armors were so beautiful and colorful and that kabuto was at least 50 cm tall making who ever wore that, stood out even to the enemies. Sure just wearing that needs lotsa guts!

Basically photos aren’t allowed inside. Only in some places.

… Then finally the main destination: Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum.
A grim reminder as the powerful atomic bomb melted everything within the radius of two kilometers…
The museum tell stories of what happened that day through the remains of school-aged children, their clump of hair, their nails, their school bags, their lunch box, their shoes, their small uniforms…
Families had to recognize their family members this way…

How A-bomb melted things easily, the glasses, the concretes, and the people to only shadows and dust and unrecognizable forms…

The after effect, the agony of the victims that died the next day, the next week, the next few months and years….

The museum reset the Peace Watch Tower to protest the underground Nuclear test by North Korea.

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