The biggest Limestone cave in Japan: Akiyoshido

Akiyoshido (Akiyoshi cave) located in Mine city is the biggest Limestone cave in Japan.

When this cave was first opened to public in 1951, the black n white photos hanged nearby the ticket gate, depict the enthusiasms of people wanting to go inside, resulting in a long crowded queue.
Too bad, the interests seems to dwindle, the shops on the sides of the street closed and ran out of business….

Entrance to the cave is 1200 yen for one adult.

Under the mouth of the cave, water is rushing outside the cave like a mini waterfall. All we could hear was just the gushing sound of  water.

The entrance to Akiyoshi Cave

It takes around 30 minutes to explore the whole cave. There are even hills inside the cave itself, living its title as the biggest lime cave in Japan!


No, Bat plane won’t come flying at you!

The grey and white limestone dominates the inside of the cave.

Pool of water inside the cave

The water flowing inside is 15 degree celcius, so its pretty chilly!

This hanging pattern here took 800 million years to form.

Halfway, there is an elevator connecting the cave to the plateu above (built in 1956). The Akiyoshidai (Akiyoshi plateau) is breath taking! It is hard to believe there is a cave hidden under this plateau.  The elevator stops it service at 16:30pm.

Akiyoshidai (Akiyoshi Plateu)



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