Miyajima the shrine island

From Hiroshima, it’s one hour by car to the port and another 20 minutes by ferry (360 yen) to cross to the Miyajima, the shrine island. Off from the ferry, it’s the sandy beach and that feel of island.


The whole island perimeter is 30 kilos. Some people stayed on this island’s ryokan hotel, but we are here just for paying a visit to the Itsukushima shrine.


The main shrine which was built in 593 is listed as one of UNESCO World heritage. The entrance to the shrine is 300 yen.

The famous sight of Miyajima is the floating torii (gate) of Itsukushima shrine. Currently under construction.

Torii / gate of Itsukushima shrine

At the time we visited, the tide was low. But at high tide, this shrine would look like a magical floating shrine.

The floating shrine during low tide

Walking along the beach, sometimes some friendly deer approached. It might follow people around and get a bit aggressive so their  antlers were cut.

Deers by the beach

It was rather crowded  to do the worshiping (参拝:sanpai) because it was Sunday morning and all people and tour groups were here.

On the Itsukushima shrine


In walking distance is the Senjokaku shrine and five stories pagoda(五重塔:Go ju no to). 

Go ju no to

Senjokaku shrine is supposed to be a quiet place to zen out for worshippers, but people seem to get too leisurely  rest here although at the entrance there was a sign of ‘No laying on your back’ (don’t get too comfortable) accompanied with illustrative picture.

Senjokaku shrine

We continued strolling around the island, of course without missing out to taste the local delicacies. Hiroshima is famous of their oysters (かき:kaki) production.

In total I bought three amulets (御守り: Omamori) during this trip from  Enseiji, Shouin shrine and  Itsukushima shrine.  I am sometimes amazed how categorized amulets here could be. There are amulets for work, safety driving, health, for love, for passing the test, welcoming babies, foot strength (for hikers?), etc.


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