Onsen talk: Konyoku and Kashikiri


I have talked and introduced about onsen (public hot spring) on this blog a lot of times. 

It is because  we love dipping in onsen so much, that basically we ended every trip by visiting the local onsen.

Now the onsen season is here again, lets talk about types of onsen.

There are three type of onsen,
1. The public one -used together with other people, gender separated. Most common type in Japan,
2. The Kashikiri/貸切 – the one used privately just you and your loved one, and
3. The Konyoku/混浴 the mixed onsen type. Yep, Boys and girls! Lets dip together!

We all know that onsen is a Japanese public hotspring entered together with other people stark naked. But they are still gender separated. Boys with the boys, girls with the girls.

Now, Konyoku/混浴 or the mixed one, is type where women and men entered the onsen separately, enjoying the indoor onsen pool first and then if they are bold enough, they could put on a towel and join the party at the outdoor pool with other gender!

Entering the mixed area, there will be some path with warnings on the walls that walking down this road would lead to the Konyoku area. Now don’t forget the towel!

Some Konyoku onsen let the their visitors wear swim suit. Some only allows towel. Some, even have the onsen water colored from the mineral contents, that people won’t  bother to wear anything cause you cant see through the water anyway. But please bring a towel just in case…

The one we went recently in this Kouyou/ 紅葉 season (when leaves turn orange red) was in Manza area, Gunma prefecture, at the Manza Prince hotel.

The place is two hours drive from Haruna shrine.

Haruna shrine, coming a bit too early for Kouyou season

On the way there was the calming view of Haruna lake.

Calmness of Haruna lake

The hotel last entrance for Konyoku onsen is 17:00, the entrance fee is  1200 yen for one adult.

The water here was pretty see through. When we were there with other 30 people, the weather was clear, the contrast of temperature between chilling autumn air 41C onsen water was at best and the view outside was nice.

Now the girls were wrapping large towels around them.
But the boys, ohoho, they only brought face towel size that couldn’t even cover the butt area no matter how desperate they tried  to wrap it around their waist.
Nah, they didn’t even try hard enough with that only a face towel size.

Don’t worry the front part is safely covered.
It was fun. It was the first time I saw so many other men’s butt without having to be intimate with them.

Now, let’s talk about Kashikiri onsen.

As I mentioned above, Kashikiri is a private use onsen that people could enter with their loved one. Family, friends, lovers….

The one I will give as example, is located in Tateshina Nagano prefecture. A three and half hour drive from Tokyo.

Roads  in Nagano

Tateshina and its surrounding area is still a popular destination for a quiet peaceful weekend close to  the nature while not being too far from the city. People could view the mountains from the Kirigamine plateu, enjoy the scenic drive through the Venus line or hiking or even visiting the local museums.

Some hotels/ inn in the area made their onsen available for private use (貸切:kashikiri).


Kashikiri onsen in Tateshina, Nagano

The prices for kashikiri are varied from around 1200 yen per person for 30 minutes to 2500 per person for 30 minutes. Depends on how fancy level.
Mostly Kashikiri onsen is the rotenburo(露天風呂) outdoor type.

Kashikiri in Goura onsen area nearby Gotemba

The temperature of onsen in the area is around 40-43Celcius. The onsen in the area is mostly a natural hot spring that flow continuously from the source (掛け流し:kakenagashi) and not reheated.


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