Autumn hike: Mizugakiyama, 2,230 meters

Here is the view at 2,230 meters over Mizugakiyama.

Lunch at Mizugakiyama  2,230m

Pretty isn’t it.

That’s the thing about hiking.

After two and half hours of climbing and the thoughts of ‘Okay I think I have burnt a whole week worth of calories’,  and ‘Gosh why ain’t we there yet!’ while trying to catch a breath,  this is the view you get to enjoy while having lunch.

At first it was a hill walking up for around half an hour. img_3297

45 minutes later, the path led us to the river down below before it went up hiking up again, where the real climbing started.

There were several places where people would have to climb holding on to a chain hanging from above. It was pretty fun, but I rather climbed holding on to the protruding roots of the trees. I wanna feel like Tarzan ;D


Going for a hike of Mizugakiyama

Hiking in Japan, especially in this hiking season where the trees on the mountains turn beautiful red orange and everyone is out for a camp and a hike, the parking space would be limited, so do get here early.

Parking space of campers and hikers

Popular mountains would always have a mountain hut where people could have something to eat or a restroom break in the middle of the hike. I saw a bus passing here, so, this mountain is popular that even a designated bus facilitated the hikers.

Going back to the parking space was like only less than two hours. I was half running on our way back, because, well, after a good view, there is always a good dip at local onsen…

Happy hiking!


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