In Japan, Christmas eve is couple’s eve ?

In Japan, it has been a three consecutive holiday  from Friday, December 23 to the weekends on 24-25th. Friday the 23rd is a national holiday, to celebrate the birthday of Emperor of Japan. On the (Japanese) calendar, December 24 and 25 aren’t actually marked in red but since this year it falls on Saturday and Sunday, more people could go out to join to celebrate on the date.

Christmas mood in Odaiba

For some reason, in Japan celebrating Christmas seems to be just for the young and coupled. 

At first I thought it was just my imagination until I read a news about a demonstration—yep a strike—by  a group of people, calling out for a クリスマス 粉砕 (kurisumasu funsai) or ‘Christmas Crushing’ (direct translation).

The demo is held every 24th December on a day light at center of city in Shibuya. They are opposing the people who make fun of those who aren’t coupled, thus unable to be lovey-dovey on the Christmas eve. Unbelievably, this year is their tenth year carrying such demo relentlessly.

So much for not having a girl/ boy friend on a Christmas day?Woohoo..! 

I don’t exactly understand what they mean by Christmas Crushing. Do they mean they are opposed of celebrating Christmas overall due to the changed meaning, or they are saying that what couples are doing are destroying the real meaning of Christmas?

Odaiba Rainbow bridge and freedom of loving

So there you have it. With the Christmas (was) here the city is lighten up with illuminations, adding a pinch of romance in the air, breathed by the couples holding hands walking down that road.

The jewelry stores prepare items to be presented to that ‘special girl’, love hotels are full booked, Christmas dinner without reservation is impossible, restaurant in skyscrapers charged additional price for that window side table with night view plus cakes with overly sweet optional message.

Can you feel the love tonight? Yes, I can. 


Tokyo Tower with a heart mark

So I guess that is also why every year instead of ‘We wish you a Merry Christmas’ or ‘Jingle Bells’, the anthem here seems to be ‘Last Christmas’.

You know that one… (sing it) ‘…Last Christmas I gave you my heart… But the very next day… you gave it away… This year, to save me from tears… ‘ (few hours after I upload this blog, I read on BBC that George Michael passed away. RIP) 

Approaching Christmas, many, many versions of this tune comes out, to be played endlessly everywhere. I like Ariana Grande version btw.

Merry Christmas!



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