A New Year’s post: Starting slightly scared of 2017

My mind was bold and made. I was gonna avenge last year’s wasted hours, days and months by charging full force at 2017.
I swore to my self that I was not gonna let any more time wasted on things that consumes and tires me emotionally.

Na-ah, this girl had her mind set on one thing: and that is ‘Revenge’.

Kagami Mochi:  a ‘Must’ New year decoration

That was on December 31, the night that I slept away the midnight and missed to greet the New Year 2017 alive and awake.

The Next day, January 1st, was a regular New Years day doing what we do in Japan. Preparing Osechi, cheering with glasses of sparkling wine, eating Osechi then spending the rest of the day replying to incoming Nengajo.   

Tradition of sending out and receiving Nengajo (self designed New Years card)

Today, January 2nd, I started to see how January looks like through my agenda. Noting down my goals of the month, wish list, things to do…. While still eating Osechi left overs and half hour to that… I noticed that I was in a fetal position burrowing  my head on the corner of the sofa. That was how much 2017 scares me.

Osechi food (Japanese delicacies made especially for four days of new year)

From a slight  trauma of 2016, I am still scared that things won’t go well again this year and things would go sideways and out of hands.

This comes from a person who started last year with a whole lot of positivities and cheerfulness explaining the meaning of each Osechi food on this post ->

Reviews and resolutions.

I thought I would never learn the meaning of those two words. Perhaps I have learnt a bit about it now.  Thus the uneasy feeling I have pressuring my chest and butterflies in my tummy, knowing that 2017 will start effectively —as offices and business starts to open as usual on January 4th—within two days. What the…  am I gonna do by then.

New Year’s flower arrangement by me. To crank up my luck this year

Starting off the year slightly scared and alert for the things that might be thrown at me… Perhaps is good too.

Happy New Year 2017.

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