For Avid Ice skaters and Love birds: The benefits of arriving at Fuji-Q Highland few hours before closing

This article is not even about the attractions in Fuji Q highland.

It’s about, taking the sweet parts only when you already have known your way around  Fuji Q/ slightly bored of it, and benefits from the nearly the 貸切状態 (kashikiri jyoutai = reserved for us people only:) like situation.

Especially if  you are coming for ice skate rink (as skate rink in cities got too crowded making it hard to skate around without bumping anyone) or planning to make a scene out of a 告白 (kokuhaku: confession) to a girl/ boy you like.

On a Saturday, sunny weather hordes of people would come flock amusements parks like these.

No Chance.

But wait. WHAT?! You don’t even have to fight for chairs in the food area??

Food area taken from the elevated queue platform of the infamous King of Roller Coaster ‘Fujiyama’ 

Yes, this was taken during the Golden Hour in Fuji Q Highland. The first benefit coming at these hours is, if you already have in mind which attraction you wanna ride the most, the queue won’t be that long anymore. But of course it’s an obvious thing.

But after few rides, if you are an avid ice skaters (read: still haven’t got a chance to go skiing this season), this spot is all yours to skate all your heart out.

Benefits number two: Skate rink a la Kashikiri 

Moving around would help to tone the heart rate down before you pour it out to that cutie over there. Because you see, when the scene goes from that to this,

Hue-ly Illuminated skate rink

it will be more difficult to blurt the right words out… Especially if you have been holding it up since that last Christmas illumination event due to circumstances like In Japan, Christmas eve is couple’s eve ?

Attractions lights out at 18:00 in Fuji Q Highland, but the skate rink operates until 19:00.

Now depends on the result, you might wanna continue to dip in outdoor Hot spring Fujiyama onsen while gazing the stars peeking through the pergola to increase the romance level up.

No need to fight for dipping spots either at these hours

The entrance for the onsen is 1700 yen, but by showing the previously bought Fuji Q highland admission only ticket that costs 1500 yen per adult, you will get a 200 yen discount here.

Lets wrap it up: Parking fee: 1500 yen. Fujiyama coaster ride: 1000 yen.  Skate shoes rental: 1000 yen. Getting the girl/boy  you like: Priceless 😀

They even provided the Designated ‘confessing’ stage.

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