Hike of slightly snowy Mt. Takatori

I’ve always been amazed by the great outdoor of Japan.
I once pulled a slightly dangerous stunt when we were driving around the mountain side of Nagano. There were walls of lush green hills surrounding us. I was so overwhelmed by the beauty that I let half of my body out from the car roof and spread my hands to feel the wind (Titanic style).

Ain’t actually an outdoor person but being in country with an amazing nature sceneries, naturally I encouraged myself to. When the weather allows I wouldn’t wanna miss a daily dose of sunshine.

Miyagase lake

There are so many options on where to hike when there’s only one sunny day in weekends.
One of them is the 706 meters tall Takatori mountain which could be reached within  two hours drive from the city. Takatori mountain is included in the Tanzawa mountain range.

City view from the top of Mt. Takatori

There was snow and ice falling from the branches of trees over us during the hike. It felt like somebody’s been trailing and throwing ice cubes at us.

Snowy trail of Takatoriyama

Nah it didn’t hurt at all.

In summer, leech appear in this area and that would be a problem. But since it’s winter, our challenge would only be the slippery snowy path.

It took one and a half hour up to climb to the peak and it was really only going up with very least place to take a breather.

When we arrived on the top, it was around zero degree. There were few wooden tables and chairs and a simple observatory stairs to take us 10 meters higher to see the 360 degrees view of the surrounding mountains.

View from the observatory stairs  

On the way home, there was a small Japanese traditional inn ‘Furusato no yado‘ that facilitates 日帰り温泉(higaeri onsen=day hot spring) for 800 yen each person.

Furusato no Yado in Iiyama onsen area

It was a good half day hike…

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