“Reserve me a nice dinner but reserve me a spot on fishing boat too”-Me


Early cruise

Strip off the girly accessories; Watch, bracelet, necklace, ring, because fish hook might find ways clinging to it. It’s fishing time!

Today’s fishing spot is in Chikura Shiramazu of Tateyama town in Chiba prefecture. The trip took two hours by car from Tokyo (when there’s no traffic). But since the fishing boat departs as early as five am, staying overnight near the fishing port is preferable.

The cost to get on the fishing boat per person was 10,000 yen plus 2,000 yen to rent a fishing rod. Although one may bring their own tools, sometimes renting is necessary as the rods and weigher provided are often more suitable for the kind of fish and the sea depth we go for.

Don’t forget to wear fishing rain gear, sunscreen and pop some seasick pills

Today’s challenge was to fish Striped Jack/ Shima Aji (シマアジ).

The depth was five to twelve meters and the bait used is small prawn/ ebi. A bucket of em was provided for each fishing participants.

The trick to fish a Striped Jack is by scattering a handful of ebi to the sea and cast the fishing rod almost that same moment. The intention is to lure the fish and hopefully some will make a grave mistake by eating the ebi covered bait.

Sounds easy but apparently that didn’t work so well. These fishes seem to be mutants Shima Aji with eyes that could see through all. Thus, able to tell which one is free food and which one is the roulette. Though one of the participant fished twelve Striped Jack. He must be Magneto.

By the time sun got high and higher, chances to fish Shima Aji is getting thin and thinner, as they might be burping with full tummy by then.

Chikura Shiramazu port

By eleven am, the boat start returning to port. Depends on which boat, simple lunch like ramen and udon might be provided at the port.

Oh excuse me, I forgot to introduce my companion today, a thread-sail filefish/ kawahagi  (カワハギ)which I kept talking to along the trip. It looks kinda cute with whatever dangling from its head….


When the fishing times up, I decided to release it back to the sea cause I can’t eat a friend, right?

😀 Choose a boat with matching color:D

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