Deep Sea Aquarium in Numazu, Shizuoka

In Japan, a visit to the aquarium/ sea paradise made it to the list of ‘Where to go on a first date’ , aside from the amusement park. Many large and famous Aquariums/ sea paradise throughout Japan, catering this demand. However there is only one themed Aquarium in Japan which brought up the world of deep sea (深海:Shinkai) to  the audience.

Two hours drive from Tokyo, Numazuko shinkai suizokukan (沼津港深海水族館)/ Numazu Deep sea Aquarium, is more family oriented and aimed for those who have deeper interest to what lies under the sea, aside from Jaws, Free Willy, and Nemo.

One of the fish tanks at Numazu Deep Sea Aquarium


The aquarium building is not as big as those that could facilitate a dolphin and penguin show, but it showcases the darkest secret of the sea.

Shyest fish in da house

I mean, how would I know that a 400 million years old fish known as Coelacanths still lives among us until now, unless I visited the Numazu Deep Sea Aquarium?

The living fossil ‘Coelacanths’

When I saw the video of it coz they only have the preserved one, I thought Coelacanths doesn’t even swim like a fish. It walks with so many fins.

Every fish tank is special because it contains sea creatures rarely seen in regular Aquarium fish tanks.

Intentionally Colored Transparent fish

Deep sea creatures needs a special treatment and difficult in handling. Nobody knows the exact environment they live on. One sure thing it could be in a very cold place (-20C) therefore they don’t really move a lot, very sensitive to light and change of water pressure.

In one of the tank filled with eels, the Aquarium management is being funny by putting a replica of how Eels would look like on a plate. (Sorry Eels)

Eels, Before and After

Another thing about Numazu, that it is actually located in a city of the fishermen, thus, the Aquarium building is surrounded by many restaurants of course with seafood on their menu. By buying the ticket entrance to Numazu Deep Sea Aquarium (¥1600), visitors would get 10% discount price off the food.

Fresh fish, anyone?



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