Between Hiking, Mental State and Concealed Depression

Few days ago, someone professed ’Although I do a lot of hiking, bouldering and adrenalin fueled activities, it doesn’t mean those activities toughen my mental up’.

What? Why the confession? Y U No Tough Cookie?

Going through the Yakurazawa pass (矢倉沢峠)

Perhaps it was during a nasty argument that required him to justify his incapableness of handling a difficult situation without hurting the pride he takes in his hobby. If not, why would even hiking and bouldering came up to his defense…?

That didn’t sound right. After all, it’s Mens sana in corpore sano,  “a healthy mind in a healthy body”, right?

It is known that physical condition is very related to mental state. If a person is fit physically, hopefully he/ she will be able to make healthy decisions.

When a person is very ill, his/ her condition could lead to depression, social reclusion and bring strains to relationship etc.

We live in a world where girls with toned butt and abs are very confident. My little brother, currently in pilot school is receiving very tough physical training so he can be a brave one. My self, I had an enjoyable time during hiking, snorkeling and skiing.

For me, physical activity means bringing challenge upon my self, which means gaining confidence every time I managed to overcome it and eventually means, a lot for my mentality.

Descending trail of Mt. Myojingatake  (明神ヶ岳)

But then again although one is fit on the outside, there’s something else such as certain mental condition which is difficult to diagnose and depressions. Although, physical activity does release hormone that serves as anti depressant.

Just a crazy thought, what if an extremely hard training regime could’ve been more successful than lobotomy.

Onsen to help loosening the muscles, blood circulation, perspiration and all that leads to relaxation

PS: Pics are from five hours hike (including rest) from Miyagino (宮城野) to peak of Mt. Myojingatake  (明神ヶ岳) and going down through different routes passing Yakurazawa  (矢倉沢峠). Plus, a visit to try the Private Onsen pool at the famous Hot Spring resort, Yunessun (Hakone).

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