Explaining heartbreak in a logical way: Love, relationship and Takotsubo Cardiomypathy

“No, Masaru! I can’t forgive you! For all the days, nights, months and years that passed, I still hold grudge. Because for all those days, nights, months, years I cried my eyeballs out, you never considered my emotions were real. Perhaps every time I sent you my SOS messages, you were sneering like it was all just a game.

So one day, when you came up to my desk, Again, with that Smirky face—and touched my hair unapologetically—I have nothing for you, but my genuine Disgusted expression. You destroyed a life and you think, I don’t have the strength or courage to oppose you. Because, you are a Teacher, and I was a student.

Well, in my opinion, you are no more than a conman….”

Finding time in Solitude, to reflect and find oneself again

Friday morning, May 26, 2017 06.29 am, Japan time. NHK aired a news on how last night—a 21 years old man, held hostage his 25 years old ex girl friend’s mom in her home, under a knife. He demanded to be met with his ex girlfriend who broke him up a month before. The incident lasted for three hours and ended with the ex boyfriend stabbed his own chest and arrested. 

Love story of a 21 years old man and a 25 years old woman, gone bad.

It was not stated how long they were in relationship–coz the longer the harder to let go–but surely long enough for this ‘just a boy, not yet a man’ to think it was the end of the world as she said ‘We should break up’.

It didn’t help either that the woman rejected his excessive calls and instead reported him to police as a stalker. Ouch…

During the hostage situation, he said he wanted to see her.

Now, there are several possibilities: One, the break up was conveyed through SMS thus he felt the necessities to do it real time.  Two, he’s still too much in love, need help to closure. Last, the ‘break up’ decision came out of no where for him and he ‘needs’ to review what had happened.

In anyways, research says when one of ’em is still so much in love, he/ she would crave for his/ her ex partner, the same way as an addict, to a certain drug. Now, nobody knows how addictive the ex partner was, right?

“Ah, he’s being too dramatic and obsessive”.

Maybe he is, maybe it’s simply obsession. Maybe he was just truly, madly, deeply in love. Maybe there’s some past relationship experiences that made him react that way. Or, maybe during the long term of relationship, she just continue being unfair and hurt him all the way.

Although study shows that young people recover from heart break and loss of love much better and faster, the pain in being heartbroken is real.

During the nineties, the Japanese described a broken heart syndrome as Takotsubo Cardiomypathy. It is a temporary weakening of left ventricle due to shock of loosing someone,  a symptom similar to heart failure.

That’s just the matter of heart, receiving rejections is even harder. It is one of the basic human instinct to try to have offsprings. Rejection from a potential partner means he/ she lost an opportunity to breed one. The brain react to social rejection, as it would react to physical pain. That is also why I guess, verbal bullying victims often decides to end their life.

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