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The Fireworks, the spark of Hope and the personal strength

The 花火(hanabi: Firework) seasons, the summer festivity peaks every August, in Japan.

But, work happens.

Thank God, I still could make time to taste what’s left of the summer festivity, even though it is already September 2nd and it is too chilly to be wearing a summer Yukata at a 17 degree Celcius.

Yet, along with the breeze of it-feels-like-Autumn-already wind, I was there, amidst the residence of Suwa city of Nagano, enjoying the so called 第35回全国新作花火大会 or the 35th All Japan New Creation Fireworks Competition.

The 35th of Japan New Creation Fireworks Competition, in Suwa, Nagano

A bigger, larger, grander event of Fireworks was held last August 15 on the same spot.

I missed that one this year, but few years ago I blogged about it here: Finally it feels like summer: Suwa lake fireworks festival!

The show started at 19:00 and stopped around 20:30 pm. The limited reserved ticket is 3500 yen, can be bought at convenience store. We arrived late but still got space of fresh grass to extend our small mat on, the 屋台 (yatai: Food stalls) is a 30 minutes queue coz it’s fewer, the parking is pretty difficult but still easier to find.

The recent weather in Japan is unpredictable, actually I heard there were several canceled Fireworks events last August due to the torrential rain. Sky didn’t spit a drop last night, so it was all good.

The fireworks competition, it is more than a display of colorful sparkles over a backdrop of dark blue skies, oozing romantic atmosphere. It actually started as an effort to bring up hope of the people in Japan. It symbolizes Hope. I am not making this up, it is written there on official homepage of the event.

The situation in Japan after the second world war two was devastating. People are starving everywhere, lost their home, family members, children separated with their parents, sibling and died an excruciating slowly painful death of starvation (If you ever seen the movie ‘hotaru no haka’, you’ll know what I mean).

Those times, as the night came and surrounding got too cold, when there was no lighting because houses were all burned down to the ground, when the exploding sounds people knew, were those of the bombs…  Even in bleakest time like that, there was Hope.

There was this pretty little light, climbing up to the dark sky and gave a little spark. Spark of hope.

This little sparks, actually gets bigger through out the year because currently, the diameters of some of the fireworks on display is 300 meters, and it gives out a hella firing sound.

I am writing this with such an uneasy feeling because, while talking positively about how people should have hope….Holding on to a hope, actually has a very uncertain feels in it.

With a current situation at hand, facts that could seen, felt and understood, we are holding on to something vague, as hope? Even having a heart to bear a hope it self sounds extremely difficult…

So I raise my hat to those who still could have positivity to have a hope in their difficult times, because maybe, hope symbolize their strength, and the strength they have is actually the one making changes for the better?



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