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Hello world.

September 3, 2017 was my last post.
Have I stopped writing? Nah… People in the family tends to write, so perhaps not.

On the contrary, I have been missing to write. But I did forgot my wordpress passwords and had to get new one.

For the last 6 months, work happened. House moving happened. Family members got ill happened.

In the meantime, I have decided to maintain writing in the simplest form (typing through the smartphone).
And shall avoid using, transfering and editing photos from my big DSLR for the mean time (although I miss taking pics from DSLR too).

Gosh. I used to send photos to Japan Times for God’s sake…. Where did those habit gone. I used to really, enjoy, with every beat of my heart, taking photos with DSLR… Now all I think about is compact this, and practical that. Have I forgotten ways to enjoy the things I used to Iove and lost my self in?

By the way… Let me recap.

The stress from work and moving had been escalating for the last three months. But I haven’t really been able to go anywhere, because… I found out that I am not that type of person who could let the house or work in a mess and go outside to forget that the house and work was in a mess.

So, I cleaned up the mess… Put my life back on display, out from boxes of moving company, enjoyed few peaceful weekends watching the sunset from the 4th floor balcony of new home while sipping a cup of tea, watch a lot of Korean Drama till I am head over heel with one of the actors (Lee Beom Soo foreva!)… And BAM!!..

I decided that I am gonna use a bit of my savings for a trip.

The first official trip was 3 weeks ago, to Hakone.

Oh, hello Fuji san, it has been quite a while!

We really needed that one. Coz me and my partner were on the edge of fighting eachother from the stress of not being able to go anywhere for a quite a few months. We both needed that mini vacation.

Hakone is a hotspring resort two hours away from Yokohama. While driving around the area, I looked in (a popular travel info website in Japan) for a ryokan hotel which can be reserved on the same day. We were lucky we found one. A pretty good one with quite a view…

Mountain view from the room

And two days ago, because I started to wear tanktops around the house, a sign that my part of Japan is now warm enough to check out the beach, we went to Atami, two hours drive from the city.

It’s not without reason I picked Atami (the one who pays had a right to pick where to go).

Recently, my insta feed has been showing the sun, the sand, the waves and the glittering pools etc, which is hard to watch when you can’t enjoy all of these due to the climate of the area.

And last Friday, during a chat on the train, my superior at office and I suddenly talked about fireworks.

When she recommended Atami firework display which is held like every month, I was shocked. Eight years of living in Japan, and I thought I had to wait till summer to see fireworks…

So again I checked for available plan trip that could be reserved on same day, and found out that the fireworks happened on this Saturday 14th April. Considering my self lucky and meant to do this trip, I tapped ‘continue with reservation’…

The fireworks started at 20:20 for half an hour. We had a choice to watch it from the lobby or the room.. We opted the latter.

Fireworks from the room
The hotel lobby with huge window

Not just checking out the sea and fire works, we also visited the quite famous Museum of Art which was built in bubble period and appeared in many architect magazines. The loooonggg escalator to reach the museum was a trip itself.

View from the museum to the Atami sea…
Museum of Art in Atami, Shizuoka-ken

So I guess for now I am content and ready to start an early Monday.


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