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Dilemmas of being in love with a Korean actor

My first encounter with him was through a love comedy movie, which actually, I watched by skipping from scene to scene, just for the sake of knowing how it would ended.

Honestly, my judgemental, initial thought was, why the main actor is not that tall and looking just ‘okay’, while the main actress looks like a goddess?

But, seeing how his role personality developed through the scenes, I realized that I enjoyed every second of his acting totality in front of the roling camera. His unique voice tone, rich, depth of expressions at the most.

So, I decided to rewatch the whole movie, this time without skipping it.

Since then, I have been following his career journey through his role in movies.

Along with the number of movies I watched, the more recent it is, I had to witness the gradual changes of his appearance. His eyes got bigger and his jaw, ofcourse, narrower.

It was hard for me to take it in, because I have loved him from before, from the very beginning, just the way he were.
With his kind, adorable yet comical eyes.
With those strong, dominant jaws.
With those wide smiles, that makes people wanna laugh as well.

My biggest fear was ‘With all these changes, will he still be him?’

(Some scientist, artists, physicians believes in Physiognomy the assessment of character or personality from a person’s outer appearance, especially the face – Wikipedia)

I try to make peace with my self that,
it is not just very common to have work done in his home country, it is also a demand in the industry he strugles in.
And if I love him then, I should love him now, right?

(Reversed concept of loving a person ‘just the way you were’)

Type of movies he played his role in, evolve as well. Before he mostly appeared in comedy and sport themes. Recently, he started appearing in romantic drama and action series, even as villain.
And when the villain end up dead, I cried hard.

His women fans grew larger, most of them praising ofcourse his gorgeous look, on top of his acting. While I am screaming inside, he is more than all that, I have loved him above all that, before all that.

Personality does make a person very attractive.

In his late forties, he had his own reality show, where he is a kind, comical father of two. I am glad that his personality doesn’t change at all. He is still that kind, comical, hardworking person I fell for, responding wittily to every of his kids actions…

Let me close this with an even more exaggerative remarks of unapologetic justifications.

My January 3rd man, my Capricorn, a best suit to a Taurean. With a blood type of AB, which is a loving pair of AB. With a dog chinese zodiac, which is complementary to rat.
I knew I love you before I met you.
Mr. Lee Beom Soo.

(I believe in certain traits of people based on their birthdate. During elementary and junior high, I used to have this special set of skills of guessing my friends zodiac from just their behavior… I should have taken psychology instead of PR back then)

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