First Hike of 2017: Mt. Kintoki of Hakone

Well, I have been a ‘引き蘢り’ (hikikomori) for a while now, so  I thought a little bit of strolling outside through the nature would help clearing up my head a bit. I have always loved an adequate outdoor activity anyway.  



The first time I heard that the mountain is 1,213 m tall, I assumed this would be literally a stroll in the park like when we ‘climb’ Mt. Oyama (1,252m). The one on this post -> Mt. Oyama: Leisurely hiking Fancy shops, fancy cable cars, fancy stairs… Well, the height is not much difference, right?!

Nope, guess again. 

Although we only did like 700 meters hike that took one and half hour up & one hour going down, this journey is a full fledged hike capable of making legs wobble like a new born fawn.

A huge rock in background, compared to a 155cm me

Mt. Kintoki seems to be a popular course  in Hakone.  The name of the mountain is taken from the famous merchant who used to live here.

Sakata Gintoki, everyone?

If you are an anime otaku, the name ‘Sakata Kintoki’ must have ringed a bell. He is likely the inspiration behind the main character of that notorious serial ‘Gintama’ .

Lake Hakone surrounded by mountains

It was pretty rocky and steep and in some places I had to use rope to pull  my self up. It was pretty tiring, but Hakone is a hot spring (onsen) city, I bet all people goes for a dip after a hike like we did to ease the strained muscles.

This tree has an interesting personality. We got along pretty well!

It was worth it. I got my dose of nature and sunshine,

Catching up the light!

and when we arrived at the peak, the sky above Fuji san went ‘Kimi no na’ on me.

(Have you seen the movie? it’s really good, English title ‘Your name’)

Fuji san seen from Mt. Kintoki

So it was a perfect way to start up 2017.


*hikikomori :people who just don’t go outside to see other people, officially translated as social withdrawal


3 thoughts on “First Hike of 2017: Mt. Kintoki of Hakone

  1. I am excited to let you know that I have nominated you for the Sunshine Blogger Award. I am glad to have come across your blog. Have a look at my recent post for the rules, questions, etc. I hope you will accept the nomination. Congratulations!

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